In fact, they come with protective caps for storing these tweezers after use, which is important since dropping these tweezers could impact their sharpness and alignment. And with such a limited warranty, you don’t want anything to happen to these tweezers before you have just2trade review gotten your money’s worth. Our top picks have you covered for everything from clearing out blackheads to removing ingrown hairs. As someone who prefers a light, natural brow job, I find most gels and pomades look too heavy-handed or intense, no matter the shade I choose.

  1. After consulting our lash professional, who tested all of our curved tweezers, we found that the best tweezer for applying false lashes was the ReNext – Curved.
  2. Tweezers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to suit a variety of needs.
  3. It is always a good idea to have one at home and one in your purse for grooming on the go, because you never know when you may need them.
  4. Birnur (she/her) led the Beauty, Health and Sustainability Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute from 2007 to 2023.

This convenient and portable tool can extract splinters on the go to help you relieve discomfort and prevent infection. Plus, the precision sharp tips, strong gripping power, and unique shape, help you make quick work of removing things embedded in your skin. What’s more, these handmade tweezers are as durable as they are functional. Made with high-quality surgical stainless steel, they are known for their longevity and are easy to clean and store.

How We Tested

Since there is no sharp edge, they can also be used to apply individual lashes. A standard, straight pair of tweezers is also one of the most common styles of tweezers on this list — these are known for their super straight, wide edge and their flat grip. Flat-tip tweezers look are perfectly named — when clamped completely shut, each side of the tweezer will lay flush against the other. They are super precise and are a great tool if you’re extracting multiple strands of hair at a single time.

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Because the tips are extremely sharp—to the point in which they resemble a needle—they offer amazing accuracy, precision, and symmetry. They also will work in a pinch when you need to perform a little first aid. Not only are the tips of these tweezers sharp right out of the box, but the calibrated tension they offer gives you the precision and control you need no matter what task you are trying to complete.

Flat Tip Tweezers

If you’ve ever had tweezers rust—bleh—or had difficulty grasping and eradicating errant hair, potentially leading to irritation or ingrown hairs, you know what I’m talking about. One GH editor found its fine tip helped remove unwanted hairs with great precision. “Armed with a magnifying LED mirror and these tweezers, I quickly pulled out small ingrown brow hairs,” she said. Its long, slender design also makes the tool easier to grip and pinpoint fine hairs. Keep in mind that these run sharp, so use a steady grip and be careful when using them close to your eye area. Sharp tweezers are an essential part of every beauty and grooming tool kit.

Not only are they made to last, but they also help you take the guesswork out of removing tiny fragments from delicate skin without injuring the user. The only downside is that they may dull over time—especially because they do not come with any type of sharpening service. That said, at this price point, you can probably afford to replace them every five years if you need to.

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To find the 10 best tweezers on the market, including the job they are best suited for, we researched their materials, spoke with experts, and explored what top brands have to offer. The top 13 performers were then evaluated in the Lab by eyebrow technician and tweezers expert Soledad Alberti. We recruited 13 women who reported to the Good Houskeeping Beauty Lab, where Alberti used a different tweezer to shape their eyebrows.

Blackhead tweezers are a relatively recent trend that prevent users from using hands (which naturally are very oily) to do at-home extractions. Dermatologists recommend having blackhead extractions done professionally for the best hygienic conditions and to minimize skin irritation. However, if you are still going to do at-home extractions, we tested blackhead tweezers to see which work best. One of our testers commented that the Majestic Bombay was exceptionally easy to grip and handle, which is an important consideration when you are bringing sharp-pointed tips close to your skin. It is important to handle these tweezers with care, as their exceptionally sharp tips will puncture skin.

Overall, if you are looking for an inexpensive, yet effective pair of tweezers, Revlon’s Stainless Steel Tweezers are a good choice. For tweezes on the go, stash this mini set that includes both slanted and pointed tweezers for your travels. It’s a marvel for quick touch-ups on days when you notice unwanted brow hairs in the bathroom mirror, says GH Textiles Product Reviews Analyst Grace Wu. “Despite the small size, I found them just as useful as the larger version,” she says.

Our testers ranked ApeX’s hair removal performance as low because it did not grip hair well. For those looking for a safety tweezer to apply cotton swabs, this tweezer would work well as it is easy to handle and its rounded tips would not pierce soft material. Close behind the Rubis Switzerland – 3- 3/4” Slant Tip, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezer, and the Tweezerman earned above-average scores for precise hair removal from all of our testers. Like the Rubis Switzerland, both of these tweezers have 3mm stainless steel slant tips.

This tweezer’s curved tip firmly grips rhinestones and other small objects. The FIXBODY also came with other comedone extractor tools that we did not test. We did not test these tools because they were not tweezers, and were not necessary hitbtc crypto exchange review to the function of the FIXBODY tweezer. However, these included tools are a plus when considering the value of the tweezer set. The tweezer and two other comedone extraction tools were sold for under $10 for the whole set.

One of our testers was able to test both tweezers on ingrown facial hairs. The Classic Necessity clearly outshone Silver Gripper in precise hair removal, while the Majestic Bombay was best for ingrown hairs. All of our testers bitbuy canada review cited frustration in trying to handle Silver Gripper, as the tweezer was only 2.5-inches long. In the vast world of beauty and utility tools, tweezers have made their mark as essential implements for several tasks.