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Plastic Tube Making line


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David Standard Extrusion line for cosmetic tubes BC 60

Extruder with mono die head and 5 sets tooling for

Diam. 50/40/35/30/25


Vacuum bath type h75-1000hdff

Sleeve cutter K4000/S-TS-MH

700mm Conveyor.

Piovan PE material feeder

Year: 2001


Aisa PTH 40 Header

With tools:

Diameter 25 M11, 30 M15, 35 M15 and oriented,40 M15 and oriented, 50 M22 and oriented.

Orifice 2,5/3/4/5/7

with new Siemens PC

Year 2001


The above two machines work fully automatically as one production unit. After the PTH 40 the readymade blank tubes are manually packed into cartons for intermediate storage. 


Calf Offset Printing Line Type: LITHO 5

Consisting of:

Tube elevator for feeding the unprinted tubes to the unscrambler

Tube unscrambler for feeding the tubes to the printing machine 

Printing machine with 4 colour and ink UV curing station, integrated varnishing system and a separate UV-drying oven.  Machine can be fitted with a 5-th inking unit.

Tools available for diameters: 25/30/35/40/50


Separate Uviterno UV drying oven

Elevator for the transport of the printed tubes to the capping machine


Moss M12 capping machine

Tube unscrambler for feeding the tubes to the capping machine 

Horizontal turret head capping machine

Capping station for screwed cap

Cap tightening station

Capping station for flip top caps (oriented and normal)

Tools for oriented caps: (d.35/40/50)

General tools for: 25/30/35/40/50)

new PC

Year 2001

Packing table


The above two machines work fully automatically as one Decoration and capping system. After the Moss MP 12 the readymade printed tubes are manually packed into cartons for delivery to clients.


Additional separate equipment

Available with the tube production line:


Delsa  hot foil stamping machine H63/e + C1


Year 2002


Small semiautomatic tube labelling machine

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