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KBA Air Catalytics

Exhaust air catalytic after Burner

KBA Air Catalytics

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Technical Data: Exhaust air purification system

Max. Volume flow 30.000 Nm³/h
Min. Volume flow 6.000 Nm³/h
Max. VOC-Concentration 2 g/Nm³
Max. VOC Capacity/hour 60 kg/h
VOC-Composition no halogens, sulphur
or silicone compound
Dust < 3mg/Nm³
Exhaust air temperature 70 °C (max. 120°C
Calorific value of the pollutants 32.000 kJ/kg
Average batch temperature 800 - 820°C
Additional fuel natural gas
Installed burning power 500 kW
Clean gas fan
Instaslled work performance 90 kW
Degree of purity of the total: C≤ 20 mg/Nm³
Exhaust air after thermal CO ≤ 100 mg/Nm³
Conversion for NOx ≤ 100 mg/Nm³
Gaseous organic compounds
Gas connection 50 m³/h
Flow pressure 100 mbar
Compressed air supply 6-8 bar, dry and oil-free
Suitable for winter operation
(dew point < -25°C)

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