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Martinenghi LC 200

Aluminium Tube Leak Control Unit

Martinenghi LC 200

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Year of manufacturing: 2003

Producer: Martinenghi S.R.L. Italy

 Technical Features: pure aluminium or alloy aluminium

Tube type: with or without membrane

Diam. Range:  22-40 mm

Minimum length (for tubes with diam. 22 mm): 85 mm

Maximum length (for tubes with diam. 40 mm): 205 mm

Min. thickness: 0,017 mm

Max thickness: 0,16 mm

Electric: 400V/50Hz

Weight: approx.: 1800 kg

Production speed: adjustable up to 200 tubes/minutes (advisable between 155-170 t/min)

Tubesize change parts: several available

Machine is offered with an accumulator preceding the leaktester

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